This Photographer Shoots Wildlife In European Cities

Meet photographer Sam Hobson, who specializes in taking pictures of wild animals found… in the big European cities. Think foxes, badgers, deer, toads, squirrels, herons, and so on, who come to the the towns and become Hobson’s ‘models’.

“Getting to know my subject is probably the most important element of my photography,” Hobson tells PetaPixel. Shooting close to home means I can regularly visit the same locations, work with the same animals and really get to know the habits and routines of my local wildlife.”

“Shooting the same thing over and over and building a project, you learn things about your subject you can’t learn from books and the Internet. So you start to think more creatively about how to capture your discoveries in an image.”

“I just sit around night after night and wait until I become a part of the environment and the animals get inquisitive and want to come and investigate me,” explains Hobson. “In my experience, animals aren’t stupid and they can tell the difference between me and somebody else. They don’t get habituated to humans, but learn to recognize me as an individual and learn that I am not a threat.”

#1 Red Fox, Bristol, Uk

Red Fox, Bristol, Uk

#2 Ring-Necked Parakeets, London, Uk

Ring-Necked Parakeets, London, Uk

#3 Deer, London, Uk

Deer, London, Uk

#4 Red Fox, Bristol, Uk

Red Fox, Bristol, Uk

#5 Red Fox, Bristol, Uk

Red Fox, Bristol, Uk

#6 Dam Herons, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dam Herons, Amsterdam, Netherlands

#7 Young Fox, Bristol, Uk

Young Fox, Bristol, Uk

#8 Deer, London, Uk

Deer, London, Uk

#9 Bananaquit, Tobago

Bananaquit, Tobago

#10 Parliament Pigeons, London, Uk

Parliament Pigeons, London, Uk

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